Peninsula Valdes

We have arrived at Peninsula Valdes. It has two huge bays which have lots of marine life. In particular, the bays are breeding grounds for the southern whales. The day was absolutely beautiful with no wind and a strong sun. We saw at least half a dozen whales and one of them even swam under the boat! The crossing went…

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Mar Del Plata

We had good conditions until Mar Del Plata. The wind was mostly favorable and sustained, between 22 and 27 knots almost constantly. We covered 260 miles in just under 29 hours, an average of 9 knots. I am very well helped on board by a group of Argentinian sailors, all of whom are regatta sailors and own a boat: Thomas…

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Departure – Départs

We worked non-stop to bring the boat to shape for ocean navigation. We have set the sails, secured the shackles and did the food provisioning of the boat. Everything was done to ensure the highest possible security. All the equipment was tested and approved. We had to discard 5 self-inflating life vests and bought vests approved by the Prefetura Maritima…

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