Shake Drake

We arrived in front of cape Horn around 9;30am. The wind was moderate from the Northwest 20 to 25 knots. We sailed closer to take some pictures, but after 15 minutes some rain squalls arrived, so we bore away and set a course directly for the Antarctic peninsula. Once we were well in the Drake, the wind rose to 33…

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Islas de Los Estados

I have had one of the strangest navigation of my lifetime. We left Caleta Horno on Tuesday, December 14 to do the 600 nautical miles crossing to the Island of the States, at the Southern tip of South America. The marine weather forecast showed no storms various wind conditions. I never expected that we would be motoring so much in…

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Puerto Deseado

Quelques heures aprés avoir quitté la Caleta Horno, le vent tombait complètement. Nous avons donc continué au moteur et ce pendant 19h! C''est assez incroyable de se retrouver sans vent dans les "quarantièmes ruggissants!" On a décidé de passer devant Puerto Deseado pour capter du résau wifi afin de télécharcher la méteo et éventuellement d'attendre jusqu'à ce qu'il y ait…

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