2nd day at sea – 2ème jour en mer

It's Sunday evening here. As I am writing these lines, the atmosphere is calm on board, I am comfortably sitting in the swivel chair at my deskin my cabin and Beethoven's fifth piano concerto, "Emperor" is playing on the boat sound system. I can't help but feel in total harmony with myboat. Especially because sailing conditions have become ideal. The…

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Preamble to the Antlantic crossing 2022-Préambules de la traversée de l’Atlantique 2022

Dear family, dear friends, it is time to give you some news from the deck of ASANA. The repairs to the damages that occured in the Drake Passage took almost four months. A new solid rod mainstay came from Denmark and Reckmann profiles from Germany. These profiles fit over the stay and are used to hold the headsails, the luff…

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Mar Del Plata

This is our fifth day at sea and what a difference with the past three days! Today was the wind was light at 10 knots, the sea was flat with a residual swell of the wind from the days before. And it was sunny, now was time for sunglasses and suncream, Bermuda and polos. At 7 am, Dirk and Bernard…

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Punta Arenas

We arrived at Punta Arenas on Tuesday 15th of February at 4pm. I decided to take a shipping agent to help me with the entrance formalities. I'm happy that I did so because the paperwork especially in these Covid times can be quite daunting. Another problem is that Punta Arenas doesn't have any facilities for yachting, there is not any…

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