Caleta Brecknock

We left the Caleta Beaulieu on Friday morning, luckily the rain had stopped and we went up the Western arm of the Seno Pia to see three glaciers that drop into the sea at the head. The fjord turned out to be filled with ice and we had to proceed with caution at a very slow speed. After about an…

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Canal de Beagle – Beagle Channel

Finalement nous n'avons pas pu faire notre entrée à Puerto Williams. Pour rentrer au Chili il faut valider ses vaccins via le site MeVacuno, malheureusement pour Dirk et Joelle, cette validation n'était pas encore arrivée. Pour Bernard, Marleen et moi, c'était en ordre, nous pouvions donc faire notre entrée. Mais quand nous sommes allés au bureau de l'immigration, le responsable…

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Preparations – Puerto Williams

We arrived in Ushuaia on Friday 28th. Luckily the weather was great with generous sunshine and no wind. The first thing we did was to lower the genoa. We unfurled the damaged furler by hand, but some parts of the sail were stuck because the profiles were bent or damaged. So I went up along the forestay with the harness…

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Departure – Départ

The text you will find below was written on Sunday, January 23rd in the afternoon, before the serious mishap described in the other text which unfortunately was sent after the 11 o'clock deadline Belgian time because of a poor satellite connection. Of course, I wanted to give you in priority news and explanation about the breaking of the stay and…

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Shake Drake

We arrived in front of cape Horn around 9;30am. The wind was moderate from the Northwest 20 to 25 knots. We sailed closer to take some pictures, but after 15 minutes some rain squalls arrived, so we bore away and set a course directly for the Antarctic peninsula. Once we were well in the Drake, the wind rose to 33…

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